Video-Webcam-Synth in your Browser

Kinetic Video: Hübsches Webcam-Spielzeug mit Playlist und Effekten und Schnickschnack. Wie Webcam-Mesh, nur nochmal 'ne Spur abgefahrener.

Synth is a modern day Rutt Etra. After getting to use a Wobbulator at the Experimental Television Center, I became fascinated with the ethos behind Nam June Paik’s work. I wanted to make something that was accessible for everyone, like how Paik’s performances were accessible to anyone watching PBS. I don’t see any sense in trying to reproduce the original aesthetic of the analog synthesizer in an Internet Browser. Synth is referential of the Analog synthesizers, but technically it it much different. Synth distorts 3D geometries with a live video feed and then amplifies that distortion with audio. The current release is an alpha build of the project and over the next year Synth will gain more features as I continue to develop it. Anyone with Google Chrome and a webcam on a desktop computer can use this synthesizer. Synth is free and licensed under GNU.

Kinetic Video (via Prosthetic Knowledge)