Waiting for Felina: Boxxy cooks Meth, Gale Boetticher sings Major Tom and Business-Lessons from Walter White

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Während wir jetzt also einfach nur noch die Minuten zählen, bis morgen Nacht die letzte Breaking Bad-Folge läuft, hier einer der größten WTFs der Serie in der kompletten Version: Heisenbergs Arbeitskollege Gale singt Major Tom in 'nem thailändischen Karaoke-Dingsbums. Und unten noch Methkochen mit Boxxy, ein paar Links und ein neuer BrBa-Soundtrack-Mix von Mark Wayward:

Boxxy cooks Meth:
 Youtube Direktboxxy, via Sascha

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The Economist: The “Breaking Bad” school: „The best show on television is also a first-rate primer on business“

Three things help our chemistry teacher turn an insight into a flourishing business. The first is huge ambition. He is not in the “meth business” or the “money business”, he says. He is in the “empire business”. The second is product obsession. Other dealers might peddle “Mexican shoe-scrapings” on the ground that addicts care little about quality. He produces the king of meth, so pure that it turns blue, and would rather destroy an entire batch than let an inferior product be traded under his brand. The third is partnerships and alliances. He spots talent in a former pupil turned drug-dealer, Jesse Pinkman, and forms a strong working relationship with him. He also contracts distribution to a succession of local gangs so that he can concentrate on the higher-value-added part of the business: cooking and quality control.

Extra Science - Breaking Bad Bonus Beats

Some more Sounds of Science as we edge closer to the finale. […] Big thanks to all the Breaking Bad fans that've been supporting the original mix - what the hell are we gonna watch next week?

IV – Tread Lightly
Dave Porter – Crawl Space / Ozymandias
Tread Lightly
Jim White – Wordmule (Season 5 “Blood Money”)
The Stepkids – Desert in the Dark
Gnarls Barkley – Whose Gonna Save my Soul (Season 1 “A No Rough Stuff Type Deal”)
Trip to Belize
Alexander Ebert - Truth (Season 4 “Box Cutter”)
José Larralde- Quimey Neuquen: Chancha Via Circuito Remix (Season 5 “Buried”)
Holy F**k – They’re Going to Take My Thumbs (Season 2 “Seven Thirty-Seven”)
Calexico – Banderilla (Season 2 “Better Call Saul”)
Rodrigo y Gabriela, - Tamacun (Season 1 “Pilot”)
La Tromba - Calaba Calabao
V – Open House
D.R. Period – Money (Season 4 “Thirty-Eight Snub”)
Nico Gomez – La Lupita (Bosq’s Whiskey Barons Rework)
Prince Fatty – Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Season 3 “I See You”)
Alvin “Red” Tyler - Peanut Vendor (Season 2 “Breakage”)
Allen Toussaint – Tequila
The Black Seeds – One by One (Season 3 “4 Days Out”)

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