Claiming „Videogames lead to Violence“ leads to Violence

Ich hätte jetzt nicht damit gerechnet, dass die Killerspiele-Diskussion nochmal irgendwann meta wird, but there you go: „A recent study reveals that knee-jerk scaremongering by the media that video games lead to violent behaviour actually causes violent behaviour among gamers“.

There has never been any satisfactory scientific evidence for the association between video games and violent behaviour, but a recent study has revealed that baseless claims from the media that video games cause violence actually do cause violence

Dr Mario Vance, a psychological researcher at the Rapture Institute for headline-inspired science, conducted a seven-year longitudinal study that monitored the anger levels of more than a thousand volunteers from gaming communities. The results showed statistically significant increases in overall aggression and violent tendencies that occurred very soon after tenuous mainstream media stories claiming video games cause violence.

Claims that 'video games lead to violence' lead to violence (via Techdirt)