Muppets in the Conservation Lab

Die Jim Henson Foundation hat dem National Museum of American History 20 der Original-Puppen aus der Muppet-Show, Sesamstraße und den Fraggles geschenkt und die werden demnächst in einer Ausstellung zu sehen sein. Und da sich die Puppen teilweise in einem eher suboptimalen Zustand befanden, musste da ordentlich ausgeweidet und konserviert werden. Das Blog des Museums hat ein Posting zur Muppet-Konservierung und es gibt ein Flickr-Set voller Behind-The-Scenes-Fotos. Ist ein bisschen wie Anatomie-Kram und Eingeweide und Körperteile, nur mit Muppets und Fraggles.

When I walk into the textiles conservation lab on Wednesday afternoon, Bonnie Erickson is standing over the form of the Muppet Grover, who's laid out on the table getting his eyes glued back on. Bonnie, the executive director of The Jim Henson Legacy, affectionately refers to the puppet as "old Grover," because he's the original puppet from 1967. He has greenish-brown fur, instead of the familiar blue we know today, and, once his eyes are secured, Bonnie gets to work bringing him back to life.

Grover is the last puppet Bonnie is working on, along with Sunae Park Evans, the National Museum of American History's senior costume conservator. Bonnie re-stuffs the limp form she calls "bag o'Grover," and, when she's finished with him, she and Sunae move him to a new base. They discuss how to arrange his arms and try a variety of positions before pinning his hands in place so that suddenly, Grover is alive and inviting us into his fun, kooky world.

National Museum of American History: Jim Henson's puppets, reunited in our conservation lab (via Notcot)
Flickr: Behind the Scenes: Newly Donated Jim Henson Puppets