Serbian Academia Trolls

25.09.2013 Fun Misc Science
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Ein paar serbische Wissenschaftler haben aus Protest gegen die akademischen Verhältnisse in ihrem Land ein Fake-Paper eingereicht, das auch prompt ungeprüft veröffentlicht wurde. Sie zitieren darin Ron Jeremy, Michael Jackson und Borat. Well done! Das komplette Paper mit dem tollen Namen „Evaluation of transformative hermeneutic heuristics for processing random data“ hier auf Scribd, Snip von Retraction Watch:

The paper is replete with transparent gimmicks — obvious, that is, had anyone at the publication been paying attention — including a reference to the scholarship of Jackson, Weber, Jeremy and citations to new studies by Bernoulli and Laplace, both dead more than 180 years (Weber died in 1920). They also throw in references to the “Journal of Modern Illogical Studies,” which to the best of our knowledge does not and never has existed (although perhaps it should), and to a researcher named, dubiously, “A.S. Hole.” And, we hasten to add, the noted Kazakh polymath B. Sagdiyev, otherwise known as Borat.

The paper, “Evaluation of transformative hermeneutic heuristics for processing random data,” by Dragan Djuric, Boris Delibasic and Stevica Radisic, appeared in the magazine Metalurgia International, according to the website In Serbia, which reported on the story. The authors, from the University of Belgrade and the Health Center ‘Stari Grad’, appear on the manuscript in false wigs and mustaches.

A Serbian Sokal? Authors spoof pub with Ron Jeremy and Michael Jackson references