Ultrarealistic Heisenberg-Mask and other Bits of Blue

Bevor wir heute noch den Heisencast aufnehmen, hier noch die schönsten Breaking Bad-Items, die grade durch meinen Reader gerutscht sind:

Auf der 2013er Comic-Con schlich Bryan Cranston unerkannt mit dieser ultrarealistischen Heisenberg-Maske herum, die er dann erst auf seinem eigenen Panel abnahm und genau diese Maske kann man jetzt auf Ebay ersteigern, falls einer 13k Dollar übrig hat. Die Masken von Hyperflesh hatte ich hier schon öfter: Too Large Charlie Sheen-Mask, A Man, his giant Baby-Mask and his Grandma in the Park und The Family with their giant Baby-Masks walk thru the City.

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Saul judges Walt skating lightly:

 Youtube Direktsaul, via Sascha

AV Club: Vacuum Cleaner Repair is a thing: Of course that phone number from last night's Breaking Bad is real: „The number leads to a voicemail greeting read by Robert Forster. Proving that, as we learned last night, "vacuum cleaner repair" is not just a term of art, Forster briefly talks about his services and gives you the store's hours, then asks you to leave a message—though it hangs up on you before you get the chance to do so, leaving you forever stranded with your problems. “

Und ganz besonders großartig (S05E15-Spoilers ahead!):

Am Ende von Granite State zitiert Charlie Rose in einem Interview mit Gretchen und Elliott Schwartz von Gray Matter Industries einen Fake Artikel von Andrew Ross Sorkin in der New York Times, und dieser Herr Sorkin hat genau diesen Artikel dann wirklich geschrieben. Toll!

Little known except to a small cadre of industry insiders, the Schwartzes have been scrambling in recent weeks to keep a long-running secret from being revealed. Gray Matter’s stock has sunk over the last week as speculation has mounted that the company could be tied to a drug kingpin in Albuquerque who has made national headlines: Walter White, the former chemistry teacher turned international methamphetamine dealer known as “Heisenberg.”

According to people close to the company, Mr. White was a co-founder of Gray Matter and was a former college sweetheart of Mrs. Schwartz. The company’s name – Gray Matter – was a mix of the Schwartz name, which is German for “black” and Mr. White’s name, hence “gray.”

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