Gmunks Box: Projection Mapping on Screens moved by Industrial-Robots

Großartige Arbeit von Gmunk, ist praktisch ein Commercial für die Kamera-Bots von Bot & Dolly. Da sind mindestens drei Industrie-Roboter am Werk, ich vermute eher fünf: Zwei für die Oberflächen, zwei für die Projektoren und eine für die Kamera. Auf der Website von Gmunk gibt's ein ausführliches Making Of inklusive Video:

The piece was essentially grounded on the principles of Stage Magic, invoking five of the basic categorizations of Illusionary.. These Categories greatly informed the conceptual and aesthetic foundation and were fused with a graphic design aesthetic heavy in Minimalistic Form and Illuminated Geometry.. This direction was then placed into a projection-based Physical Installation, where all the 'magic' was captured live and in-camera, filmed documentary-style with no post effects or treatment; in essence the immense technology behind the curtain being completely masked from the viewer by the methods used to capture the performance.. This quote by Science-Fiction writer and Inventor Arthur C Clarke perfectly summarizes the film's foundation:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
-Arthur C. Clarke

BOX DEMO (via MeFi)