Alan Moore: „I'm not the Northampton Clown“

Der Northampton Chronicle hatte vor ein paar Tagen ein Interview mit dem Evil Clown, der dort grade umgeht. Relativ langweilig, natürlich sagt er solche Sachen wie „I like Horrorfilms“ und „a bit of harmless fun“. Jetzt aber hat sich Alan Moore zum Clown geäußert und behauptet, er habe damit nichts zu tun.

Photographer Mitch Jenkins, who is collaborating with Alan on a multi-episodic film project called The Show which is set in Northampton (and features a sinister clown), had been emailed by a number of people asking if the clown was Alan. „Apparently there had been a certain amount of comment on the internet suggesting probably some connection. No it’s not me. […]“

“We had only just done that thing on Kickstarter with His Heavy Heart which starts shooting in a few weeks. I had said it was about Strippers and Clowns. The suggestion is that there is some kind of dream time existing under Northampton and that occasionally things will break through from one realm to the other. […]

Apparently coincidentally, Alan has found himself close to the heart of the clown story. One of its first eerie appearances was in Alan's road, standing on a corner in the dark with a light shining from a window above. Alan's explanation for this is simple: it's just a weird road.

Alan Moore: I am not the Northampton Clown but it might be my fault

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