Pastafarians serve Spaghetti to Anti-Gay-Asshole

Russische Pastafarians und Aktivisten haben versucht, einem russischen Anti-Gay-Politiker einen Teller Spaghetti zu überreichen. Wie zu erwarten hat das Arschloch die Nudeln weggeworfen und die Leute beschimpft. Ich mag Menschen nicht, die Pasta wegwerfen.

The Pastafarian, who was wearing a colander on his head, tried to hand a plate of spaghetti to Vitaly Milonov, a conservative lawmaker in the St. Petersburg parliament, but a supporter of the lawmaker threw the plate in the Moika River. […] "You are just idiots," the bespectacled and bearded lawmaker told the Pastafarians. "You represent Navalny's sect, and you should be ashamed of yourselves." He also commented on the incident on Twitter. "I really don't like overcooked, foul-smelling pasta," Milonov said in a tweet.

Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster Gives Gift to Anti-Gay Crusader