Michael Hansmeyers Digital Grotesque: 3D-Printed algorithmic Room

Michael Hansmeyer, über dessen Algorithmus-Säulen ich vor einer Weile bloggte, hat jetzt einen „Raum“ namens Digital Grotesque fertiggestellt, das Teil wurde auf einem Sand-Drucker ausgegeben, die wohl eine höhere Auflösung hergeben, als herkömmliche 3D-Drucker, denen Hansmeyers Formen zu filigran sind. Wer's genau wissen will, kann sich seinen TED-Talk aus dem Jahr 2012 nochmal ansehen.

every aspect of the object is materialized by custom designed algorithms. using computer based data input, a geometric mesh of 260 million specified micro-details emerges as an architectural unit. the medium, and the process of its assembly, is a carefully chosen component of the project. sand-printing technology has recently emerged as manufacturing technique that overcomes the limitations of 3D printing, which typically is confined to prototyping and small-scale models. the process allows the creation of large-scale elements with high resolution and accuracy, which are fully self-supporting and can be assembled as a solid construction.

Digital Grotesque (via Designboom)

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