Underground House built inside a Bomb Shelter including golden Faucets and fake Plastic Trees

Rund 8 Meter unter der 3970 Spencer Street in Las Vegas kamen die Leute damals in den 70ern auf die tolle Idee, es wäre super, wenn sie in ihrem Bombenbunker zum Zwecke der Gemütlichkeit einen künstlichen Garten mit Plastikbäumen anlegen würden und in diesem Bunker nochmal ein ganzes Haus inklusive goldener Wasserhähne, Pool und Fake-Aussicht bauen würden. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, eh?

The two-bedroom, three-bathroom house at 3970 Spencer St. might be the most peculiar in Las Vegas. It is buried 26 feet underground, underneath a typical suburban two-story house. A few miles east of the Strip, it was built in the 1970s to give people a place to safely retreat if the Soviets wiped out humanity with a nuclear missile strike.

And despite its unchanged “Brady Bunch” decor, the home fits right in with 21st century Las Vegas: It now is bank-owned. Seaway Bank and Trust Co. foreclosed on the house last summer. The previous owner bought the home and the two-story house above it in 2005 for $2 million, according to Clark County records.

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