Naked, bleeding Dude breaks into Museum, starts sorting Things

14.09.2013 Misc #Crime #Weird

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Ein junger, offensichtlich betrunkener, nackter, blutender Mann ist in ein Museum eingebrochen und hat dann Kisten im Lager umsortiert und Dinge in Mustern auf den Boden gestellt. Ob er damit einen Polizeihubschrauber heraufbeschwören konnte, weiß ich nicht.

On September 1 a naked and bleeding 22-year-old man broke into the Sedro-Woolley Museum in northwest-most Washington State and spent the night rearranging objects in the small institution’s storage facility. […]

“He was in there overnight, into the next morning,” Carolyn Freeman, the museum’s curator, told KIRO-7. “He’s nude, and he’s placing items into some sort of pattern on the floor… I’m just glad he was contained to the storage room, and away from the main body of the museum.”

Naked, Bleeding Thief Breaks Into Museum, Spends the Night Rearranging its Storage Facility