Robot-Band with Instruments made from mexican Drugwar-Guns

 Youtube Direktguns

Über Pedro Reyes' Instruments made from mexican Drugwar-Guns hatte ich schonmal vor einem Jahr gebloggt, jetzt hat das Creators Project obige Kurzdoku über die zweite Iteration des Projekts gedreht. Pedro hat seine Waffen-Instrumente nun in eine Robot-Band umgebaut. Whoa!

Disarm is actually the second generation of instruments built after his 2012 project Imagine, which also used remnants of the weapons that the Mexican army had collected and destroyed. This series however was made in collaboration with a team of musicians and Cocolab, and media studio in Mexico City. These new pieces can be programmed and operated via computers, making them capable of performing music concerts with compositions prepared beforehand.

From Guns To Drums: Pedro Reyes Turns Weapons Of Hate Into Musical Instruments

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