Realistic Paintings of Bodys under Carpets

Antonio Santin malt hyperrealistische Gemälde von Körpern unter Teppichen. Ich mag hyperrealistische Malerei überhaupt nicht, der Kram ist mir in 90% aller Fälle zu banal und mir fehlt da ganz einfach die Abstraktion. Aber wenn man das mit spooky Motiven wie diesen hier verbindet, bin ich am Start. Nice!

The almost tactile figures are carved through chiaroscuro, and the resulting forms appear to physically respond to the silken textiles and materials. the concealed silhouettes protrude from beneath the detailed, intricate fibers that surface the decorated carpets, revealing eerie compositions that both attract and unsettle the audience. the still-life images originate from his own composed photographs, which he projects onto a wall and manipulates their size and proportion.

antonio santin: hyper-real paintings of bodies under carpets