Captain America in a Turban

Vishavjit Singh erfand vor zwei Jahren den Sikh Captain America, jetzt ging er im Kostüm seiner eigenen Figur auf der Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York spazieren und schrieb bei Salon auf, was er erlebte. Leider nicht alles eitel Sonnenschein.

The Puerto Rican Day parade was going on, and we stepped into a thicket of revelers. People did double takes like a slow-motion movie. “Hey! Check out Captain America!” people yelled from the railings. Strangers hustled over each other to snap a picture and pose. Young and old of all hues, from all walks of life. I had to be repeatedly reminded to keep moving and not hold up pedestrian traffic.

People shook my hands, and a few literally congratulated me. The celebrity-of-the-moment experience was a little overwhelming. But I was jarred out of that trance by a few negative outliers. One man tried to grab my turban. Another yelled, “Captain Arab.” And yet another: “Terrorista!”

As we posed for a picture with one kid, he stuck his middle finger right in my face.

“So you are flipping off Captain America?” I admonished him.

Captain America in a turban