Gendered Eggs

Ich glaube, dass ist die dämlichste Marketing-Aktion, die ich seit immer gesehen habe: Gegenderte Frühstückseier. Prinzessinnen- und Pirateneier. Jeezus! This is so stupid, my Brain hurts.

Prior, Norway's leading brand of chicken and eggs, has just launched Princess Eggs and Pirate Eggs, to get children to eat more eggs. A friend of mine was quoted as saying: 'If this is what's necessary to get kids to eat more eggs, there's something wrong with the way you raise them. The product per se is as old as the hills, but the packaging is new, and it's a marketing stunt -- gone horribly wrong! The next product launch: School eggs! Now, there's a facepalm moment for you!

Meldung auf Norwegisch: Prior går nye veier for å lokke til seg barna
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