Josh from New Orleans swallowed a Toe for 500 Bucks

In Yukon, Kanada, gibt es eine Bar und die hat eine Tradition in Form eines „Sourtoe Cocktail Club“: Ein mumifizierter, gesalzener, großer Zeh, den man für 5 Dollar in seinen Drink schmeißen kann. Es gibt eine Regel, die besagt, dass wer den großen, mumifizierten Zeh verschluckt, 500 Dollar dafür bezahlen muss. Am Samstag letzter Woche kam Josh aus New Orleans in diese Bar, trank einen Zeh-Drink, verschluckte den mumifizierten, gesalzenen großen Onkel, legte die 500 Dollar auf den Tresen und verschwand.

[Terry] Lee, a local retiree who has worked as “toe captain” since June, said the latest toe was “mummified” with salt, and plunked into drinks for brave patrons about 30 to 40 times per night. More than 52,000 have joined the club, each receiving certificates and membership cards as relics of their courageous deed. “It’s a dark brown colour, completely wrinkled. It’s a gross looking thing.” Lee recommended trying it with Yukon Jack whisky.

There’s a $500 fine for swallowing the toe, which Lee said is meant as a “deterrent.” On Saturday, an unidentified man entered the bar and approached Lee’s station with a shot of whisky.
“This guy popped it in his mouth . . . takes $500 out of his pocket and slams it on the table and starts walking away. […]

Now that their toe has been swallowed, Lee and his fellow captains are on the hunt for a new one. Most in the past have been donated through someone’s will, he said. One was also given to the bar after it was cut off by a lawn mower.

Yukon bar patron swallows famous sourtoe, pays fine, leaves town (via JWZ)