Gruesome 125th, Whitechapel Murderers: Tweeting Jack The Ripper in Real Time

Vor 125 Jahren fand man die Leiche von Mary Ann „Polly“ Nichols mit aufgeschlitzter Kehle in Bucks Row, Whitechapel. Die Dame war das erste Opfer von Jack The Ripper, der danach bis zum 9. November noch mindestens vier weitere Damen umbrachte: Londons Autumn of Terror.

Großartiges Ding für alle, die sich für Geschichte und Crime-Storys interessieren: History Press twittern „live“ alle Geschehnisse rund um die Mordserie des Rippers inklusive Zeitungsaussschnitten, alten Bildern, O-Tönen und Meldungen.

In honor of the 125th anniversary of the discovery of Mary Ann Nichols’ body that kicked off the Autumn of Terror, The History Press will be bringing the Whitechapel of 1888 to Twitter so we can experience in real time on social media what London residents experienced with the Ripper-mad press. The four-month project, Whitechapel Real Time, kicked off on August 24th with tweets about life, death and society in the East End.

The sensationalized and often wildly inaccurate stories in the press are part of the Twitter story too, but all the information in the tweets has been researched thoroughly by historians to ensure its accuracy and to provide resources like period photographs, links to blog entries on the History Press website and genuine quotes from police, witnesses and neighbors. The people involved in the investigation of the Whitechapel murders have their own hashtags, as do reporters and locals commenting on events.

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