„Fuck you that's why“-Malware

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Nice! Ein Virus, der nicht einfach nur Files löscht, sondern ihren Inhalt mit „Because fuck you, that's why“ überschreibt.

Once a host PC is infected, the malware enumerates the victim and looks for files of a certain type, replacing their contents with “Because f*** you! That’s why.” Naturally, this can cause many programs to cease functioning, one of which was my Malcode Analyst Pack. This one produced some rather comical errors post infection.

It’s not as common to see malware that operates in this fashion, almost seeming to play pranks on the user. Most of today’s modern malware tries to remain stealthy in order to avoid detection, unlike in this case where it starts trashing your computer, visibly disrupting your files and just causing headaches.

Malware to Victims: “Because f*** you! That’s why.” (via Wired)

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