Working 1/3-Scale DIY Mini-Macintosh

Großartig! John Leake hat den ersten Macintosh nachgebaut, als ein Maßstab 1:3-Modell mit einem Emulator auf 'nem RaspberryPi.

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John Leake, co-host of the RetroMacCast, has created what may be the world’s smallest working Macintosh using a Raspberry Pi computer, PVC, some off-the shelf parts and a Mac emulator running under Linux. He calls it “Mini Mac.” Why? As Leake writes on his blog, “this is one those ‘because I can’ projects with no practical use – my favorite kind!”

The Mini Mac is done to 1/3 scale. Leake made the case using sheets of PVC plastic (white 3M Sintra) which yields easily to an X-Acto knife. He then used files and sandpaper to shape the bezels, with extra care taken around the curves near the screen. The sides, bottom and front were glued together to make one piece and the top and back a second piece. During the podcast discussing Mini Mac, Leake notes that the assembly took about twelve hours total. If he decides to make more of these super-cute miniscule Macs, he may employ a 3D printer rather than manually crafting elements.

Behold The World’s Smallest Working Macintosh! (via Adafruit)