Extraction of Eyes for Facial Expression Identification

Meine neue Lieblingsheadline für eine wissenschaftliche Arbeit ist „Extraction of Eyes for Facial Expression Identification of Students“. Es geht wohl um eine algorithmische Isolierung der Augen als den wichtigsten Teil, um Gesichtsausdrücke zu erkennen. Kann man natürlich auch Augenextraktion nennen, wenn man will.

Facial expressions play an essential role in communications in social interactions with other human beings which deliver rich information about their emotions. […] One of the key action units in the face to expose expression is eye. In this paper, Facial expressions are identified from the expressions of the eyes.

Our method consists of three steps, Edge detection, Eye extraction and Emotion recognition. Edge detection is performed through Prewitt operator. Extraction of eyes is performed using iterative search algorithm on the edge image. All the extracted information are combined together to form the feature vector. Finally, the features are given as an input for a BPN classifier and thus the facial expressions are being identified. The proposed method is tested on the Yale Face database.

Misinterpretable study title of the week: Eye Extraction, hier die Studie als PDF