Day Of The Dead – Remastered Soundtrack on Zombie Flesh and Blood-Vinyl

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Grade für 25 Euro (exkl. Versand) bestellt: Eine remastered Edition des Day of the Dead-Soundtracks – dem heimlichen Liebling aller Zombie-Connoisseurs [und den Gorillaz, die das Intro des Films für ihren Track M1A1 gesamplet haben], noch vor Dawn und Night, aber das darf man laut Film-Kanon nur sagen, wenn keiner hinhört – und hoffe sehr, dass ich noch eine der limitierten Ausgaben in „Zombie Flesh and Blood vinyl“ und mit einer Replika der Zeitung aus dem Opening-Shot des Films erwische, Fingers crossed.

This release features, for the first time ever, every musical cue used in the film (over an hour’s worth of music). Our source material for this release were the original 1985 master tapes. The tapes were restored and re-mixed by composer John Harrison (Creepshow, Tales from the Crypt, Tales From The Darkside) and mixing engineer Michael Farrow (music scoring engineer of The Big Lebowski, Cabin Fever, Hostel, Halloween, Where The Wild Things Are). The score was then re-mastered for vinyl by former White Zombie guitarist, J. Yuenger.

Day Of The Dead will be a 180 gram 2xLP limited release on Cream Yellow Marble vinyl (Sides A & B) and Military Green Marble vinyl (Sides C & D). All housed in a heavyweight old-school tip-on matte varnish gatefold jacket with spot UV gloss finish.

There will be only 300 variants of Zombie Flesh and Blood vinyl available exclusively through the official Waxwork Records web store on Tuesday, August 27th. The full LP package artwork and layout (front and back cover, inner gatefold art, inserts, and center labels) has been created by Jay Shaw. This limited release features essay length director notes from “The Godfather Of Zombies” himself, George A. Romero. This release will also include an 11×22 replica of “THE DEAD WALK!” newspaper article from the opening credits of the film. The newspaper article was re-created by Jay Shaw and includes essay length composer notes from John Harrison.

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