The Birth of Bleep and modern Censorship

The Verge hat ein großartiges Feature über die Geburt der Zensur im Entertainment und die Rolle von Standup-Comedy dabei. Ich beschäftige mich tatsächlich seit ein paar Tagen mit Comedy aus den 60ern und 70ern, hab' mir Richard Pryors Live and Smoking, Live at the Sunset Strip und die Lenny Bruce-Doku Without Tears angesehen. Die Wurzeln eben von Louis CK und George Carlin, falls da wer Tipps hat, immer her damit. Der Artikel ist zumindest für mich ein absolutes Must Read.

Society’s relationship with the dark side of its own nature is complex and contentious; it’s a struggle that is always clearly visible in our comedy. Stand-up comedy in particular is intimately concerned with “crossing the line” in order to confront us with the truth about ourselves. Lenny Bruce might be the best practitioner of this kind of stand-up; he was like a firehose for the collective id, like the role played today by Kanye West, Lewis Black, or Lady Gaga. Bruce’s personal life was very troubled, but it was also his consummate skill in shocking the establishment that led him to be repeatedly harassed, arrested, and jailed.

Curses! The birth of the bleep and modern American censorship