Music from trampled Vinyl

 Vimeo Direktvinyl

Schöne Arbeit von Daniel Freitag, der auf Konzerten von Die Antwoord, Apparat, Deadmau5, The Roots und Gold Panda leere Vinyls auf den Boden geklebt hat, die zerkratzten Platten wiederum gesamplet und damit Musik gemacht hat. Tolle Idee!

The first live recording that is actually made by the crowd. Project Bootleg is a new form of live recording.

The idea:
We produced empty vinyls. No music. No Sound. Before concerts we put them on the floor and people danced on them. After the concerts the records were scratched. These scratches made sound on the record player. We mixed this noise in the studio and created new tracks out of it.

Project Bootleg (via Marc)