Julian Assange lipsynchs „You're The Voice“ with a Mullet. Seriously.

 Youtube Direktmullet

Julian Assange covert bewegt die Lippen zu einem Cover von John Farnhams 1986er „You’re the Voice (try and understand it)“ für ein dämliches Format namens Juice Rap News. Ist wahrscheinlich als Wahlkampfdingsbums für die australischen Parlamentswahlen demnächst gedacht, wo er sich bislang nicht grade mit Ruhm bekleckert hat. Wie auch immer, Julians Assange Vokuhila gibt's ab 3:30.

The video cuts to the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where Mr Assange has been living for a year. The WikiLeaks founder dons a blond wig and denim jacket and begins miming his Farnham tribute. “We have the chance to turn the pages over,” he sings. “We can write what we want to write. We gotta make things leak so we can get much bolder … "We're all wiretapped now. We're all being fed lies …” A WikiLeaks spokesman said the video was “a lot of fun and there's not a fib in it”.

Julian Assange dons mullet, covers John Farnham in musical pitch to voters