500 Year old Ostrich Egg Globe says „Here Be Dragons“

26.08.2013 Misc #Maps #Vintage

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Ein 500 Jahre alter Globus, eingraviert auf zwei aneinandergetackerten Straußeneierhälften, der nicht nur als einer der ältesten Globen die „Neue Welt“ zeigt, sondern auch noch „Here be dragons“ irgendwo aufgemalt hat. Nice! Das History Blog hat mehr Details und Bilder in High Res:

Recent research has found that an elaborately carved globe made out of the sealed-together lower halves of two ostrich eggs is the oldest known globe to include the New World. It’s also the earliest engraved globe and the oldest post-Columbian globe known to survive. Last but certainly not least, it’s one of only two globes in the world to feature an epic sentence that people think was common in ancient and medieval maps but in fact is only known exist on these two globes: “HIC SVNT DRACONES,” the famous “here be dragons.”

Ostrich egg globe may be oldest with New World