Song-Mechanism of vintage Toy Pig from the Titanic, fixed

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 Youtube Direkttitanic, via AnimalNY

Das National Maritime Museum hat ein Spielzeugschwein repariert, das den Untergang der Titanic überlebte. Das Schwein war eine Spieluhr, nun haben sie den Mechanismus gefixt und den Song identifiziert: „the tune is La Sorella, composed in around 1905 by Charles Borel-Clerq“.

An eerie song that helped children on a Titanic lifeboat block out the cries of the dying can be heard once again. The song came from a musical toy pig that belonged to Edith Rosenbaum, an American fashion journalist, who was 32 at the time of the tragedy. Rosenbaum and her pig survived the sinking in April 1912, but unfortunately the mechanism that played the music didn't. Now the National Maritime Museum has fixed the musical toy and made a recording of the song 101 years after the event.

[update] Das History Blog hat (sehr viel) mehr über das alte Toy-Schwein von der Titanic und seine Besitzerin:

The lifeboats weren’t attached to the deck so you could just step into them. There was an intimidating gap between the ship and the boats, and they were in various states of being lowered to the ocean. People had to climb up on the railing and jump into the boats. If they missed, all that awaited them was a 14-storey plunge into freezing water. Edith preferred to stay put. A sailor saw [Edith Rosenbaum] and intervened. He said: “You don’t want to be saved; well, I’ll save your baby.” He snatched the pig out from under her arm and dropped into Lifeboat 11. In the interview Edit says “when they threw that pig, I knew it was my mother calling me.” She jumped in after him, and that’s how the pig saved her life.

She played the musical pig to soothe the children on the lifeboat. One of those children was Philip Aks, a baby who was just 10 months old. He had been separated from his 18-year-old mother, third-class passengers Leah Aks, during the chaos. He was thrown into Lifeboat 11 while his mother was forced into the next boat even though she tried to push her way onto 11 to be with her son. Edith held little Philip and played the music for him over and over again. In April of 1953, Edit, Leah and Philip met again at a special preview of the movie Titanic starring Barbara Stanwyck. Producers invited a number of survivors who had an emotional reunion at the screening. Edit remarked: “The baby, amongst other babies, for whom I played my little pig music box to the tune of ‘Maxixe’ was there.” He is forty-one years old, is a rich steel magnate from Norfolk, Virginia.”

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