Hacking Prison

Nach Autos, automatisierten Häusern und Babyphones hier der neueste Hack (wobei noch nicht sicher ist, ob es überhaupt ein Hack war, oder „nur“ ein Bug): Im Juni öffneten sich im Turner Guilford Knight-Gefängnis in Florida alle Türen in einem Hochsicherheitstrakt und das nachdem kurz zuvor schon einmal genau dasselbe stattfand. Man vermutet, dass der erste Vorfall ein Testlauf war, beim zweiten hat ein Häftling gezielt sofort seine Zelle verlassen, sich gezielt bei einem Mitgefangenen ein Messer abgeholt und ging damit schnurstracks auf ein Mitglied einer rivalisierenden Gang los. Wie Mission:Impossible, nur in echt.

a surveillance video released this week (see above) suggests that the doors may have been opened intentionally — either by a staff member or remotely by someone else inside or outside the prison who triggered a “group release” button in the computerized system. The video raises the possibility that some prisoners knew in advance that the doors were going to open. It’s the second time in two months that all of the doors in the wing opened at once, officials say, raising questions about whether the first incident was a trial-run to see how long it would take guards to respond. […]

According to a written account by one of the guards on duty that night, which WIRED obtained, the incident occurred around 7:04 p.m. just after a shift change. […] As soon as the doors opened, surveillance cameras captured one prisoner in particular immediately leaving his cell, as if he had anticipated the door opening, and walking down a passageway toward another prisoner, with whom he reportedly exchanged a shank or homemade prison knife. They and two other inmates then closed-in on 27-year-old Kenneth Williams, who leapt over a second-floor balcony railing to escape his would-be assailants and suffered a broken ankle and fractured vertebrae in the fall.

Prison Computer ‘Glitch’ Blamed for Opening Cell Doors in Maximum-Security Wing