How To Talk Dirty in Hindi

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Animal New York haben eine tolle Serie von jemandem, der sich Lewd Linguist nennt und Dirty Talk in verschiedensten Sprachen untersucht. Heutige Folge: Hindi, komplett mit Audiobeispielen und allem. mɛ̃ mal ʧʰoɽʋala ɦũ!

The word चुदवाना /ʧʊd̪ʋan̪a/ is interesting. While in English we would use a passive like “to get fucked,” this word is literally “to cause [others] to fuck.” This kind of causative verb is a remnant of earlier Indo-European languages, and appears even in our own Germanic branch. That’s why when we lay someone we don’t just lie there, and if our boners don’t rise, we can take a pill to raise them ourselves.

You can reply with हाँ /ɦã/ “yes,” or you can use Sanskrit vocabulary to establish your authority as ultimate bottom slut. Adapted from a phrase I learned on Wiktionary:

मेरी गांड का अभिगम बिलकुल खुला है । उस में घुसाना बाएँ हाथ का खेल है ।
/meri gaɳɖ ka ɐbʱɪgɐm bɪlkʊl kʰʊla ɦɛ. ʊs mẽ gʱʊsan̪a baẽ ɦat̪ʰ ka kʰel ɦɛ/
Access to my anus is completely open. To enter it is a left-handed game.*
(*a cakewalk)


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