The Frankenberry Witches Fingers

09.08.2013 Misc #Food #Fruit

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Das sind Weintrauben. Ein „Grape Technologist“ hat auf Reddit dazu ein paar Erklärungen am Start, die Dinger werden gezüchtet, indem man die Reben mit einer anderen Gattung kreuzt. Dazu gibt es zwei Sachen zu sagen: „Grape Technologists“ do exist, und: Es ist ein grandioser Job, so wie's scheint. Der Mann reist über den kompletten Planeten, von Traubenernte zu Traubenernte und hat das ganze Jahr Sommer. FRANKENBERRIES!

These grapes are called Witches fingers and are from the Californian breeding program International Fruit Genetics. Although it sounds like it could be GMO it's not, they are made through the hybridisation process of taking pollen from one plant and brushing it onto another plant.

There are quite a number of these varieties now, in different colours as well. Whats really interesting is that IFG also have a few other unusual varieties such as 'cotton candy' which when ripe acquires the taste of cotton candy - it's very unusual but also delicious. You guys in the US should see the variety on the shelves in the next few weeks actually.

The unusual, elongated grapes that I picked up at the grocery store today (via io9)