Cross-Section of a Hand-Grenade

09.08.2013 Misc #Bomb #Weapons

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Redditor EnigmaEcstacy hat diese durchgeschnittene Splitterhandgranate gepostet und Kommentator Lucilletwo erklärt das Ding bis ins kleinste Detail:

The key thing to realize here is that those little square shapes you see are in fact the notched surface of long coiled wire running around the inner surface of the grenade, rather than individually placed cubes. This technically makes them pre-formed fragmentation, rather than shrapnel.

So to start, this is an M26A1 grenade (edit: or possibly a later variant within the M26 family). The hollow area was filled with just under 6oz of Composition B, (one of the most common explosive fillers for decades) a mix of TNT and RDX. It was developed as a replacement for the TNT-filled mkII "pineapple" grenade based on studies done on fragmentation characteristics and design considerations to improve them.

Inside of a frag grenade

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