Drei Geisterjäger verlaufen sich im Wald, rufen die Polizei nach Hilfe und die stellt fest, dass es sich dabei um Heisenberg, Jesse und Badger handelt, inklusive einem „one-pot 'shake and bake'-style meth lab“ im Apartment der Ghostbusters. (via Gawker)

A hunt for ghosts and a call for help ended with three men in trouble Monday night and charged with making methamphetamine.

According to a news release from the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office, it all started when Sonny Clay Hyatt, 39, of 303 Laurel Street in Hudson, called 911 in the middle of the night and told a dispatcher he was lost deep in the woods off Goat Farm Road in the Baton community. Deputies responded to the area and used the GPS coordinates from Hyatt’s cell phone to locate and bring him out.

Other than being slightly dehydrated, scratched up, and a little distraught from the long hike through the woods, deputies suspected there was more going on and began questioning Hyatt. He said he and two other friends, Thomas Glenn Imler Jr., 38, of 2746 Corral Lane in Lincolnton, and Eric John Schmidt, 31, of 1004 Falcon Court in Lenoir, decided to go walking in the woods off Goat Farm Road because of the haunted tales, but eventually ended up lost and separated from each other, according to the release. […]

The deputies, still not convinced of his story, got Hyatt to admit that he and his friends had been using methamphetamine. The deputies also learned that a possible meth lab could be at Hyatt’s home. Sheriff’s Office ICE agents and special agents with the SBI were called in to help with the investigation, the release said.