Computer generating AI-Comedy is a sexist Asshole

Wissenschaftler der Uni Edinburgh haben einen Rechner entwickelt, der Witze entwickelt, indem er ungewöhnliche Wortpaare findet, im Stil von „I like my women like I like my toast. Hot…“ (IT-Crowd). Bemerkenswert: Der AI-Comedian entwickelte mit der Zeit ziemlich sexistische Tendenzen. Wobei er damit ja nicht allzu weit von der IT-Branche insgesamt weg ist. Dass Sexismus aber möglicherweise in IT selbst eingebacken scheint, wie ein politisch unkorrekter Ghost in the Machine, finde ich dennoch ziemlich erstaunlich.

The machine, which has been created by scientists at the University of Edinburgh, was designed to generate its own witty one-liners following a simple set of rules. The system was programmed to exploit one of the most successful and popular components of comedy, where a statement is followed up with a surprising comment. […] However, like some of its human predecessors, the computerised comedian has developed a rather politically incorrect approach to humour – the jokes it produces can be rather sexist. Others veer more into the surreal rather than the genuinely funny.

The computer software was designed to find unlikely pairings of words and to make a connection between them. It most commonly came up with jokes comparing men or women with another object, like: “I like my women like I like my gas … natural.”

The unPC PC: computer writes sexist jokes