Telepathic Death (induced by pink Space-Aliens from Gamma-Ray-Cults on Mars or something like that)

Ein offizieller Report über vier Selbstmorde in einer Firma der türkischen Rüstungsindustrie beinhaltet als mögliche Erklärung telephatisch induzierten Selbstmord. David Cronenbergs Scanners are not amused.

The suspicious suicides of four engineers working at the Turkish corporation ASELSAN could have been caused by telekinesis, according to a report by the Turkish Prime Ministry Inspection Board.

The report, presented to the Ankara Public Prosecutor in accordance with the ongoing investigation over the 2006-2007 suicides, claimed the victims could have been directed toward the suicides by way of telekinesis, citing the work done by neuropsychology expert Nevzat Tarhan.

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