Pixelated Maya at the Bristol Train Station

 Youtube Direktmaya

Luke Jerram hat seine Tochter verpixeltvoxelt und als Skulptur auf den Bahnsteig der Temple Meads Trainstation in Bristol gestellt. Muss man sich jetzt noch mit Massive Attacks Angel als Soundtrack dazu vorstellen. Adorable/Spooky.

 Vimeo Direktpixel

Maya is a sculpture which acts as a three-dimensional pixilated portrait. As with a heavily pixelated two dimensional image made of squares, from a distance the sculptures can be easily read. As the viewer gets closer the object appears to fragment into cubes. […]

"From the age of 3 my daughter Maya could use an iPhone. For her the technology was like a pencil, just another everyday tool to be used. Born into this world, for her, the digital revolution and the speed of technological development is not yet apparent." Luke Jerram

Maya (via Interweb3000)