Britains biggest, bus-sized Fatberg discovered in London

In den Abwasserkanälen von London haben sie einen Klumpen aus Fett gefunden, der sich dort gebildet hatte. Das Ding war so groß wie ein Bus. EIN BUS! THE BLOB!

Britain’s biggest ever ‘fatberg’ has been removed from a London sewer. The bus-sized lump of wrongly-flushed festering food fat mixed with wet wipes formed in drains under London Road in Kingston, Surrey.

Gordon Hailwood, waste contracts supervisor for Thames Water said: "While we've removed greater volumes of fat from under central London in the past, we've never seen a single, congealed lump of lard this big clogging our sewers before. “Given we’ve got the biggest sewers and this is the biggest fatberg we’ve encountered, we reckon it has to be the biggest such berg in British history.

UK’s biggest ‘fatberg’ discovered in London sewer (via Boing Boing)