3D-Printed Entomophobia-Jewelry

Dorry Hsu hat Entomophobie (Angst vor Insekten). Deshalb hat sie sich jede Menge Ringe, Schmuck und Masken mit einem 3D-Drucker gebastelt, die genau wie Wandkrabbler aussehen. Würde ich ganz genauso machen.

Dorry Hsu's new collection ‘the aesthetic of fears’ […] ‬‬recreates‭ ‬the‭ ‬objects‭ ‬of reflecting‭ ‬self fears with the‭ ‬bugs of many legs. She said‭ ‬“'‬my collection is about the aesthetic and the attraction of fears‭. ‬I am interested about the concept of masks‭. ‬In many cultures‭, ‬people wear mask to scare evil away‭, ‬so the mask are decorated with the frightening images from‭ ‬the wearer’s fears.'

The Aesthetic of Fears (via Dezeen)