Star Wars x Mad Max Mashup-Toys


Vor ein paar Monaten bestellte sich Patton Oswalt bei Star Wars-Toy-Masher Sillof eine Actionfiguren-Reihe mit Russ Meyer-Elementen namens Faster, Empire. Strike! Strike! und ich hätte eigentlich gedacht, dass man Star Wars-Toys echt nicht mehr besser remixen könnte. Jetzt hat sich der Herr Oswalt beim Herrn Sillof Toy-Mashups aus Star Wars und Mad Max Road Warrior basteln lassen und damit wäre das Kapitel Toy-Mashups abgeschlossen.


In the arid lawless post apocalyptic wasteland wild bands of outlaws and bandits runs wild trying to squeeze every last drop of fuel from the last remaining settlements that have banded together to try and eke out an existence.

One lone man in the desolate landscape exists between these two divisions of outlaws and bandits. He makes his living smuggling fuel between various groups and factions then selling his cargo to the highest bidder. Hal makes his way across the lone empty roads in his heavily modified supped up muscle car that he uses to smuggle fuel and evade the bandits.

During one of Hal's smuggle runs he is attacked by members of the most powerful group of bandits known as the Imperiad, part biker gang and part marauding high way pirates. There riders are numerous and they spread out across the badlands causing havoc and plundering in packs. This particular gang of outlaws is being lead by one of the Imperiad's most psychotic members, a biker known only as Fez. He does not say much, but he speaks volumes with the violence he unleashes.

Road Wars (via io9)



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