Electro-Track made from recorded Geo-Data over 1 Year of a Life

Tolle Arbeit von Brian House, der ein Jahr lang seine geographischen Daten aufgezeichnet hat. Daraus hat er dann einen Electro-Track gebastelt, der Rhythmus physikalischer Bewegung durch den Meatspace, digital aufgezeichnet und verarbeitet und per Vinyl-Pressung wieder zurücktransportiert in die analoge Realität. Sehr schön!

With Quotidian Record, I’m interested in how you might record and make sense of the everyday — this project builds off of a year’s worth of data that I recorded using my phone (using OpenPaths), starting May 1 in 2011. I then clustered all these points to discover what the most prominent places in my life were, and how they were connected. Each place gets assigned a step of the scale in the music, and each city a key. Theres kind of an underlying pulse to the composition, each pulse which represents two hours of actual time. And what you hear on top of that are these little motifs, the geographic narratives that I cycle through over the course of my daily movements.

The fun part is that one rotation of the record corresponds to one day of lived time. As the record turns, it functions as a 24-hour clock, which you can see in the markings. […] So a year is about 11 minutes, which is a nice length for a side. Within that year, it is also marked when I travel to other cities. The negative space is NYC, but you can see where I take off to Colorado or Korea or whatever, and if you move the stylus to those rings, you’ll hear the change.

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