He Took His Skin Off For Me

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Der Kurzfilm He Took His Skin Off For Me sucht sich grade Finanzierung über Kickstarter und das Ding sieht großartig aus. An Bord ist unter anderem Colin Arthur, der Ray Harryhausen assistierte und Fuchur, den Glücksdrachen aus der Unendlichen Geschichte baute. Der Film basiert auf einer Shortstory von Maria Hummer und ist sowas wie eine poetische Lovestory mit jeder Menge Hellraiser. Die brauchen grade mal 7000 Dollar und haben bereits mehr als die Hälfte beisammen, das sollte ja wohl mal zu stemmen sein, weil: This has to be made.

The wonderful thing about fairytales is how they relate back to our real lives. The setup is so shocking it demands us to make sense of it. The power of the allegory is how multifaceted it is. For some this is a story of nakedness, about holding out when your partner has bared themselves for you. Others read it as a cautionary tale of an imbalanced investment in another person.

When I read it I see a someone who changes themselves for another person. A love that demands such a one-way sacrifice is fundamentally doomed. The story urges us to see a toxic relationship for what it really is - horrifying. We, the audience, see this from the beginning, and the moment the narrator understands it for herself the story ends.

"The fact is, taking off your skin just to be with somebody... It's only ever going to end messy"

He Took His Skin Off For Me - a Practical SFX short film by Ben Aston (via JWZ)

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