Jacob Appelbaum interviews Edward Snowden

Cryptome hat das komplette Interview von Jacob Applebaum mit Edward Snowden aus der heute veröffentlichten Spiegel-Ausgabe, das Interview entstand im Mai noch vor den ganzen Leaks unter Benutzung verschlüsselter E-Mails:

In mid-May I was contacted by the documentary-maker Laura Poitras. She told me, that at this time she was in contact with an anonymous NSA source, which had consented to be interviewed by her.

She put together questions and asked me to contribute questions. This was, among other reasons, to determine whether she was really dealing with a NSA whistleblower. We sent our questions via encrypted e-mails. I did not know that the interlocutor was Edward Snowden until he revealed himself as such in public in Hong Kong. He did not know who I was. I had expected that he was someone in his sixties.

Snowden Der Spiegel Interview