MORPG in a Database played with MySQL

Ein Multiuser Rollenspiel in einer Datenbank, das man per MySQL spielt. Man startet als einzelne Zeile in einer Tabelle, hier ein Wiki mit einem HowToPlay. Datenbank-Junkies haben wahrscheinlich genau jetzt einen feuchten Fleck in ihrer Unnerbux.

Are you tired of browser-based games that are thinly veiled interfaces for databases? Finally, there's a game that just is a database!
THRILL as you insert your very own row in the "rows" table!

With careful selection of SQL queries, you will soon have three or even four-digit numbers in some of the fields in your row! Other queries may allow you to use those numbers to subtract from rows entered by other players -- all while pushing the numbers in your own row even higher!

As you master the game, you may find that you have inserted not just one row into the game, but several! Log in on the right to get started.

mySQLgame (via Nerdgold)