The Art Of Punk (3): Dead Kennedys and The Art of Winston Smith

 Youtube Direktkennedys, via We Like That

Hier der dritte und leider letzte Teil der hervorragenden Webserie des Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles über Design und Punk, diesmal mit den Dead Kennedys (fuck yeah!) und dem Designer des DK-Logos Winston Smith. Grade bei den Kennedys, die mehr oder weniger die erste Punk-Band waren, die ich hörte (neben den Toy Dolls), hätte ich mir mehr Flyer-Artworks gewünscht. Aber man kann halt nicht alles haben.

On this episode of The Art of Punk we hit head on with the art behind the legendary Dead Kennedy's. From the chaotic, surreal, madness, of collage mixed with political folly that blazed their LP's and gig flyers; to the razor edge ultra simplistic four simple line DK symbol.

In San Francisco we corner founding Dead Kennedy's member Jello Biafra, and discuss his own warped inspiration for the many sleeves and posters created in the early days of the band. Back in Los Angeles we talk with pop surrealist artist Tim Biskup about how the DK's affected and twisted his own young mind, and Steve Olson graces us with a few words of wisdom. Finally we meet up with master collage artist, and designer of the DK's symbol, Winston Smith in his North Beach art studio, and talk about how he was drawn into the early Bay Area punk scene - and his long and creative artist relationship with the Dead Kennedy's and Jello Biafra.

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