Links: All About Bananas Et Cetera, the Internet Movie Firearms Database, Star Wars Pulp-Cover and the Dark Side of PRISM-Design-Thinking

23.06.2013 Misc #Linkdump

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Hier die Links, die in den letzten Wochen liegengeblieben sind, unter anderem mit einem Kurzfilm über Bananen und einen über Hände, einer Studie über BigData-Untersuchungen in der Literatur, einen großartigen Artikel über Design Thinking und PRISM, einem Blog, das alle Star Wars Comicstrips aus Zeitungen gepostet hat, einem schönen Posting über Hologram-Servicekräfte auf Flughäfen und einer Dame, die Pflanzen hasst. Das und noch tausend weitere Dingsbumse nach dem Klick:

Technology and Science

Prét à travailler: workaholic holograms: Holograms of human figures are appearing increasingly often in airports as virtual assistants. And they may also be introduced in various commercial activities. But, as Joanne McNeil inquires, what kind of empathy can these humanoids expect to establish with their users?

Venus Map Catalog

How Technology Is Destroying Jobs | MIT Technology Review: Brynjolfsson, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and his collaborator and coauthor Andrew McAfee have been arguing for the last year and a half that impressive advances in computer technology – from improved industrial robotics to automated translation services – are largely behind the sluggish employment growth of the last 10 to 15 years. Even more ominous for workers, the MIT academics foresee dismal prospects for many types of jobs as these powerful new technologies are increasingly adopted not only in manufacturing, clerical, and retail work but in professions such as law, financial services, education, and medicine.


Big data meets the Bard - Who, for example, would have guessed that, according to a 2011 Harvard study of four per cent (that is, five million) of all the books printed in English, less than half the number of words used are included in dictionaries, the rest being "lexical dark matter"?

Dangerous Minds | "Rebels: A Journey Underground' w/ Timothy Leary, RAW, William Burroughs, William Gibson & more: Rebels: A Journey Underground is an excellent Canadian documentary history of "the counterculture" produced for television in the late 1990s and narrated by Kiefer Sutherland. It's the work of writer/director Kevin Alexander, who did a great job with it. More people should see it. I'm happy to see that the series has been posted in full on YouTube.


All About Bananas Et Cetera: A story about bananas, but not only:
 Vimeo Direktbanana

A Short Story About Hands:
 Vimeo Direkthands

Woman Who Hates Plants (But she likes cigarettes)
 Vimeo Direktplants

Canyon on Vimeo

Cartoon Network - Summer Ident FULL on Vimeo: Directed by (in running order) Alex Grigg, Eamonn O'Neill, Impactist, leCRCR, Rubber House & Awesome Inc.

Wastelander Panda: Arcayus & Akira - YouTube: Caught and sold to the Winchester Vault Pit, Arcayus is forced to fight alongside Akira for the entertainment of others.


Hitchcock Assembled:
 Vimeo Direkthitch

Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games

Orson Welles "Mysteries & Scandals" Produced by Dan Abrams - YouTube

The Longform Guide to Adaptations: Great articles that became (mostly) great movies.

A Galaxy of Franchises: New Yorker Interactive: We've charted a part of the expanding galaxy of movie series, ranking them by franchise gross, per-movie gross, and franchise profitability.


 Vimeo Direktunified

Rubix by Chris Kelly: This conceptual technology by architecture graduate Chris Kelly would allow individuals to project digital imagery over their perception of reality and then manipulate it like the layers of a Rubik's Cube:
 Vimeo Direktrubix

Weird Wheels: Annoyed by the amount of low resolution website scans of this great Topps trading card series from 1980, I took it upon myself to scan in my own set at a higher dpi than usual and give the awesome WEIRD WHEELS car collection the detail attention that it deserves.

Star Wars Pulp-Cover

Drawing With Computers: Drawing With Computers The Artist's Guide To Computer Graphics 1985 book by Mark Wilson scanned + PDF freely available from the author, with interesting examples of computer graphic history.

William H. Whyte: The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces - The Street Corner on Vimeo: Small fragment of William H. Whyte's witty and original film about the open spaces of cities and why some of them work for people while others do not.


Daily Star Wars Comicstrip from 1979: 2009 marked the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars daily strip that was published in newspapers nationwide by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. In honor of that this blog was started to recreate the series original run with a new strip posted daily.

Mickey And The Uncanny Valley: For a brief time in 1966, Mickey and Goofy became secret agents, working for an U.N.C.L.E.-like organization, fighting crime and taking down spies.


▶ Die Vogelperspektive @ Hedonistischer Weltkongress 2013 [Cut Version] by Die Vogelperspektive

▶ Solid Steel Radio Show 7/6/2013 Part 3 + 4 - Peter Serafinowicz by Ninja Tune on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds: For the 25th Anniversary slot in Hour 2, it's a pleasure to welcome Peter Serafinowicz to Solid Steel. Actor, comedian, the voice to Darth Maul in Star Wars, has his own TV show, co-wrote the brilliant Look Around You, video director, appeared in Spaced amongst many others…

▶ Solid Steel Radio Show 31/5/2013 Part 3 + 4 - Hexstatic by Ninja Tune: In Hour 2 Robin Hexstatic is in the mix celebrating 25 Years Of Solid Steel and a mix inspired by Clink Street in London.

Pop und Politik - eine Schnitzeljagd - 02.06.2013 (MP3): Wir haben uns fast schon instinktiv daran gewöhnt, dass Popmusik politisch ist. Oder zumindest war. Auf jeden Fall: sein kann. Der Zündfunk Generator schickt seine Hörer auf eine Schnitzeljagd durch Pop und Politik von Bertold Brecht bis Westbam - denn die sexy Beziehung zwischen Pop und Politk begann nicht erst mit Elvis' erstem Hüftschwung: schon zu Zeiten der "Dreigroschenoper" setzte die Generation nach dem 1. Weltkrieg auf die neuen Klänge aus den USA, generiert von einer unterdrückten Minderheit, um den Sound für eine neue Welt zu erschaffen. Und mit der Sprachlosigkeit von Techno war auch nicht Schluss mit Pop und Protest: Schließlich feiert Pop die Freiheit des Einzelnen selbst dann, wenn man millionenfach einem Lastwagen mit Dr. Motte hinterdreinläuft. Helter Skelter!

Facebook Stories - Mapping Music on Facebook: More than 110 million songs, albums and radio stations have been played 40 billion times through apps integrated with Facebook's Open Graph. So what does it look like when millions of sound waves travel through Facebook?


Portal 2s Alternate Reality Game puzzle design: In this article, I'll be describing the puzzle design behind Valve's Portal 2 announcement, in which players across the internet collaborated in decoding mysterious audio broadcasts, brute-forced an MD5 hash then redistributed never-before-seen imagery from Portal 2, obtained from an incredibly slow, 1980s-style bulletin board system. A 21st-century treasure hunt, built using real-world systems and knowledge.

Power and Money

 Youtube Direktwinner

This Is What Winning Looks Like (Full Length) - YouTube: "This Is What Winning Looks Like" is a disturbing new documentary about the ineptitude, drug abuse, sexual misconduct, and corruption of the Afghan security forces as well as the reduced role of US Marines due to the troop withdrawal.

This Is What Winning Looks Like – MY AFGHANISTAN WAR DIARY | VICE United States: I didn't plan on spending six years covering the war in Afghanistan. I went there in 2007 to make a film about the vicious fighting between undermanned, underequipped British forces and the Taliban in Helmand, Afghanistan's most violent province. But I became obsessed with what I witnessed there – how different it was from the conflict's portrayal in the media and in official government statements.

Sam Jacob on the NSA Prism surveillance programme and design thinking: If design thinking is part of the triumph of The Californian Ideology, part of the way that digital culture is remaking the world, is Prism its Waterloo? Perhaps it is the moment Californian digital culture turned inside out, the point when these apparently pro-libertarian entities melded to become one with the state, a strange new version of the military-digital-industrial complex cooked up out of acid-soaked West Coast radicalism and frictionless global capitalism.

Kim Jong-il's Sushi Chef Kenji Fujimoto: Newsmakers: GQ: North Korea is a mythically strange land, an Absurdistan, where almost nothing is known about the people or, more important, their missile-launching leaders. There is, however, one man – a humble sushi chef from Japan – who infiltrated the inner sanctum, becoming the Dear Leader's cook, confidant, and court jester. What is life like serving Kim Jong-il and his heir? A strange and dangerous gig where the food and drink never stop, the girls are all virgins, and you're never really safe. We sent Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Adam Johnson to meet the man who survived all the craziness

The Banality of "Don't Be Evil" by Julian Assange - "THE New Digital Age" is a startlingly clear and provocative blueprint for technocratic imperialism, from two of its leading witch doctors, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, who construct a new idiom for United States global power in the 21st century. This idiom reflects the ever closer union between the State Department and Silicon Valley, as personified by Mr. Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, and Mr. Cohen, a former adviser to Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton who is now director of Google Ideas.