RIAA pulls The Beastles' Ill Submarine

History repeating: Als DJ BC vor 7 Jahren sein erstes Beastie Boys/Beatles-Mashup-Album online stellte, wurde es sehr schnell von der EMI und Apple Records weggeklagt. Nicht zuletzt dadurch erreichte das Mashup-Album damals Kult-Status. Vor ein paar Tagen hat er nun das neueste Beasties/Beatles-Album veröffentlicht, Ill Submarine, und diesmal wird es von der RIAA weggeklagt. Auf Soundcloud ist es bereits offline, die Downloadlinks auf der Beastles-Seite sollen heute im Laufe des Tages verschwinden, Radio Clash hat bereits Post vom Anwalt wegen eines Mirrors bekommen, wird es aber vorerst nicht löschen: „I won’t remove it unless given a very good reason to do so (vague internet legal threats don’t count)“.

I’m mirroring the Beastles ‘Ill Sumbarine’ and it seems the RIAA is leading an attack on it, despite the coverage in Boing Boing, LA Times, HuffPo, Slate and many other places – Columbian radio I hear! – it’s being pulled across the interwebs, including the Soundcloud. Unlike last time where I just went quietly into the dark night and pulled my hosting, things will play differently this time.

For a start, Dear RIAA, I will post all conversations here, there will be no ‘chilling effects’ here. You are wrong. Amazes me in 2013 with all the stuff about orphan works, Creative Commons, a rich remix culture and the fact that record companies are double-dealing with getting DJs to create unofficial remixes while publicly attacking them, same with the bloggers (one side is giving them tracks, the other side is threatening to take them down). The record companies and their copyright organisations know they need the promotion, but they don’t want the legal precedent, so thus they bite the PR hand that feeds them.

Cease and Desist Mark 2: Beastles gets pulled by the blue meanies