Sopranos Restaurant reserves Tonys Table for James Gandolfini

Das bestmöglichste aller Tributes an James „Tony Soprano“ Gandolfini kommt vom Restaurant, in dem er die letzte Szene der Mafia-Überserie drehte. Don't stop believing. Von John Klekamp: „Holsten's honors memory of @JamesGandolfini reserves table where final scene of #TheSopranos was shot.“

Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery, which serves as the diner where iconic Tony Soprano may have met his end, paid tribute to the late James Gandolfini with an understated act: a “reserved sign.” The famed booth (the third one on the left in the establishment's dining room) where Tony hunkered down in the series finale was eerily empty Wednesday, shortly after reports of the actor’s death. All the while, admirers filed through to pay their respects.

James Gandolfini dies: Diner in 'Sopranos' finale reserves table in his honor