Napoleons Death Mask sold for $260.000

Bei einer Versteigerung hat man eine der letzten Totenmasken von Napoleon Bonaparte für 260.000 Dollar versteigert. Das History Blog hat die Story zur Maske:

One of only two plaster death masks of Napoleon Bonaparte remaining in private hands sold on Wednesday at Bonhams’ Book, Map and Manuscript sale in London for £169,250 ($260,000).

The death mask was made by surgeon Francis Burton of Britain’s Sixty-Sixth Regiment of Foot on May 7th, 1821, two days after Napoleon’s death on St. Helena. Madame Bertrand, the former emperor’s attendant in exile and wife of General Bertrand, Napoleon’s Grand Marshal, insisted the death mask be taken even though plaster was hard to come by on the remote Atlantic island. By the time enough plaster was scared up on a neighboring island, Napoleon’s body had begun to decompose so even though she initially refused to let an Englishman making a mould of Napoleon’s face, Madame succumbed to the inevitable: it was either the Englishman or nobody.

Napoleon’s death mask sells for $260,000