The Art Of Punk (2): Crass

 Youtube Direktcrass, via We Like That

Hier der zweite Teil der grandiosen Webserie The Art Of Punk vom Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles über Design und Punk. Nach der ersten Folge über Black Flagg widmen sie sich nun ausführlich dem Logo-Design und den Artworks von Crass, nächste Woche dann die Kennedys (hell yeah!)

On the next installment of The Art of Punk, we tear into the art of Crass. From the assaulting black and white photo-realistic paintings of protest, anarchy, and social satire, to their legendary adopted brand and two headed snake and cross symbol. We head up to the Anarchist Book Fair in San Francisco to meet up with Gee Vaucher, and founding Crass member, writer, and activist, Penny Rimbaud.

We discuss the art and the lifestyle stemming from the infamous Dial House, where they have lived, worked, and crated their own brand of anarchistic beauty, for more than 3 decades. We have a sit down with artist Scott Campbell, at his own New York tattoo shop, and talk about how the art of Crass, and one single t-shirt created a fork in his own road of life. Owen Thornton talks some shit. Finally we hang out with British graphic designer Dave King - the creator of the infamous snake and cross symbol, and discuss post war England, hippies, punk, graphic design, and more, that led him to the creation of the symbol made legend by Crass.

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