Giant Map of Superpowers

Die Popchart-Labs haben ihre Karte der Superkräfte aktualisiert und neu gestaltet, jetzt mit über 200 Kräften und über 600 Superhelden und Superarschlöchern. Nice!

In its 3rd iteration, this is the universe's most extensive charting of superpowers. The sprawling taxonomy of over 200 superpowers and 600 superheroes and villains spreads over six square feet. Powers from the mighty (Super Strength and Immortality) to the meek (Open Any Window) to the weird (Infinite Mouth Storage) are charted, along with the characters that wield these awesome abilities, spanning the past 75 years of comic book history from the giant publishers like Marvel and DC to indies like IDW, Image, and Dark Horse.

The Giant-Size Omnibus of Superpowers

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