These Kids are more Metal than you are: Unlocking The Truth

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Unlocking The Truth sind eine Metalband aus Brooklyn und sind vor ein paar Wochen zum ersten mal mit einer Serie Videos von Straßenmusiker-Gigs auf dem Times Square aufgefallen. Dann gab's ein ein Interview auf Noisey, einen TV-Auftritt bei Fox' FX' Totally Biased (Video oben) und ein Portrait von den AvantGarde Diarys (Video unten, entstand vor dem Beitritt des neuen Bassisten Alec Atkins). Und bevor ich's vergesse: Die Jungs gehen in die sechste Klasse und sind 12 Jahre alt. \m/

Unlocking the Truth, a metal band composed of twelve year old Malcolm Brickhouse and eleven year old Jarad Dawkins, is playfully arguing about which member can play a faster and more forceful rendition of their self-composed instrumental blast “Physical Therapy.” While Jarad is technically the drummer (he mastered the instrument by the age of two), he is convincingly demonstrating his guitar chops. Being the precoucious, and yet consummate, professionals that they are, the band wants to make sure that in a worst case scenario – say, a member fainting onstage – each could play the other’s instrument flawlessly.

It is not atypical for Unlocking the Truth to practice for up to ten hours on weekends. They are so immersed in their music that they barely notice anything going on around them, including their parents, who usually have to force them to stop practicing when it’s bedtime. While their classmates mostly listen to radio pop or rap, Malcolm and Jarad’s enthusiasm for metal was nurtured while watching generous amounts of WWE professional wrestling.

Unlocking The Truth

Forever Spinning

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